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About Us

Mission of WCA:

To provide leadership in strengthening Waipahu’s capacity to create and pursue, through the combined resources of public and private sector partnerships, community-based development opportunities;  to support activities that enhance and support the economic, social and cultural vitality and image of Waipahu; and to ensure that Waipahu will be an attractive place to live, work, visit and do business.

Our History:

In 1960, WCA was created to provide leadership by strengthening Waipahu’s capacity to become a better place to live, work, visit and do business.  After a period of dormancy, WCA was reactivated in July 2000 to provide focused attention to community-based projects.  WCA is a 501©3 organization with a broad based membership of current and former Waipahu residents, faith-based organizations, volunteer groups, businesses and others.  We are currently located on Waipahu Depot Road, at the Waipahu Festival Marketplace.

 Our Goals: 

  • Develop Waipahu as a community with the civic vitality and capacity to help build a thriving, diverse and sustainable economy within a safe, nurturing social environment.
  • Build a sense of ownership, involvement and empowerment within Waipahu’s residential and business communities to effect desired changes.
  • Improve the quality of life for Waipahu’s residents, businesses, employees and visitors.
  • Improve communication, coordination and networking relationships between the public and private sectors and the Waipahu community to optimize the efficiency and effectiveness of the economic, social and cultural programs and projects.

WCA Projects and Activities

  • Waipahu Festival Marketplace

-Opened in November 2007

-Property purchased and renovated by WCA with public and private funding

-Retail market and incubator featuring local produce, meats, seafood, crafts and other items

-Purpose of WFMP is to revitalize Waipahu’s depressed town core after the closures of Oahu Sugar Mill, Arakawa’s Store, and Big Way Supermarket in the 1990’s.  WCA realized that developing this marketplace and incubator will provide unique economic and social benefits to the community.

  • Micro-Enterprise Training Program

– This program assists and educates individuals on basic business fundamentals and tools to start and maintain their own micro-enterprises through a course of classes offered throughout the year.

  • Business Incubator Program

-This program assists with current, existing businesses, graduates of WCA’s Micro-Enterprise Program and WFMP vendors with support and resources to strengthen their businesses through workshops and classes.

  • Taste of Waipahu

-Annual community event to bring the community of Waipahu together while highlighting the best of the community through our businesses, restaurants, entertainment, schools, and food.

-Our 2012 event drew over 5,000 people with over 25 local vendors

There are several other initiatives WCA are planning to implement in 2013.

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