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Looking for the Community Involvement

The Waipahu Community Association is collaborating with Filcom Center, Hawaii Plantation Village, Leeward YMCA and other community groups to organize a SERIES OF EVENTS to lead up to a Finale Celebration on Saturday, November 18th, 2017 at August Ahrens Elementary School from 3:30 – 10pm.

We are looking for businesses in our community that would like to join the series of events starting from September 16th thru November 18th.  Here’s a few ways that you could participate:

  1. Offering A Day Special, Daily Specials, Weekly Specials, Monthly Specials
  2. Discounts (10% for this day only, this week only, or this month only, and choose any day/dates between the dates)
  3. Special Rates (oil change, pedicure’s, manicure’s, bogo’s, massage, furniture, Hair Cut, etc.)
  4. Become a vendor at the Celebrate Waipahu, 120 Year’s event
  5. Donate to any of our events, like our beautification projects (refreshments, snacks, water, ice, hotdogs, pizza, burgers, etc.)
  6. Volunteer at any of our events
  7. Sponsor the association or any of the events

Please see the flyer for more information or call 677-6939 or email

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